Insights that provide a foundation for informed decisions, resilient strategies, and meaningful engagement with the world around us.


Staying in touch with societal dynamics is fundamental. We continuously track key societal themes and topics and gather societal insights in the Outside World monitor. Together with our clients, we define the monitoring scope to keep our clients updated on relevant developments in society. We access 300,000 news sources from 200 countries and 1.2 trillion social and editorial conversations.

With our customized databases, we can tackle today's information overload and offer clear societal insights relevant to your company. The result is a high-end digital monitor that is tailor-made, interactive, and the basis for societal awareness.


From the monitor, issues will arise that are of particular interest to your company. In the deep dive, we look at the topic from all sides and perspectives. We use our qualitative database and 280 unique data sources to delve into a topic: these deep dives feed, e.g., investee company engagement trajectories and policy-making. 


It's easy to lose sight of developing trends within the fast-paced society. Our Societal Trend Report provides insights into societal trends affecting your company's strategy and operations. The plan focuses on risks and opportunities arising from these societal dynamics. We offer actionable solutions to bridge the gaps and pivotal input for e.g strategy and policymaking trajectories.  


Internal societal antenna scan & plan

The role societal influence holds among stakeholders is here to stay. Growing a well-developed internal societal antenna is vital for companies to navigate the outside world and attune their products and services. In this scan, we analyze the current status of awareness in different company layers and provide an actionable improvement plan. 

Stakeholder scan & plan

We help your company grow their network in the outside world, beyond familiar boundaries. We start with a clear overview of relevant societal stakeholders and a blueprint to build new relationships. We offer guidance on how to set up a contemporary stakeholder management function. 

Portfolio scan & plan

Managing an extensive portfolio is complex, especially concerning (changing) public opinion. We analyze your portfolio or asset class through a societal lens, aiming to identify potential risks and opportunities. The plan provides clear insights and ways to mitigate risks and seize opportunities.


We will literally connect you to the outside world, setting up high level meetings with opinion leaders on relevant themes or connecting you to people with different opinions (e.g. end-users, participants etc.), NGOs and other ‘counterpart stakeholders’.