Our research methodologies are based on principles of diligence and integrity.


Our approach is tailored to extract relevant societal insights for our clients from a blend of qualitative and quantitative data. To accomplish this, we implement rigorous research and analysis methodologies:

Harnessing the power of data:

We harness an expansive dataset, comprising up to 300,000 news sources spanning 200 countries, along with 1.2 trillion social and editorial conversations. To enrich our insights, we tap into 280 distinct societal data sources.

Advanced analytical tools:

Our toolset includes proprietary information systems coupled with the use of Language and Learning Models (LLMs). This empowers us to monitor thousands of sources, revealing latent societal issues that are relevant for our clients. Our team of analysts track the trajectory of these issues, which allows us to report current events and give insight on their past and future developments.

Diligent societal surveillance:

Our analysts continuously monitor the dynamic landscape of societal developments across an extensive spectrum of topics. This comprehensive perspective empowers our insights with depth and scope.

Addressing bias:

Understanding that insights concerning societal expectations can be susceptible to biases, we adopt a proactive stance. Throughout our research process and across all of our deliverables, we conscientiously identify and address biases, ensuring the integrity of our findings.

Mobilizing expertise:

Our network of subject experts serve as a cornerstone of our approach. Their insights and counsel infuse depth and nuance into our research, elevating the quality and relevance of our outputs.

Transparency in insight generation:

Transparency lies at the core of our methodology. We trace the pathways through which insights are generated. Our commitment to transparency ensures that the origins of every insight are traceable.

Through this holistic approach, we create insights that not only illuminate the current societal landscape but also provide a foundation for informed decisions, resilient strategies, and meaningful engagement with the world around us.