It is our mission to help companies bring the outside world in.


We help companies understand a rapidly changing world.

Societal expectations reflect a multitude of interconnected — often conflicting — perspectives, which are increasingly challenging to align. 

We believe companies do significantly better when they invest in proactively understanding the diversity of societal expectations. Taking the outside world in leads to informed decisions that make organisations more resilient and aligned with societal needs. We enable organisations to achieve this.

We help companies to shift their focus from reactive reputation management to forward-thinking stakeholder management.


What is going on today, tomorrow and in the coming years?

Most of our projects start with the client question: "Our world is changing rapidly. That impacts our organization and how our stakeholders see and judge us. How can we become aware of the societal changes our organization is facing, and navigate them effectively?" We help organizations answer questions like:

  • What is going on in the outside world that could affect our reputation?
  • How can our organization be more aware and aligned with society?
  • How can we organize our stakeholder management?
  • What societal changes will we face today, tomorrow, and in the coming years?
  • How do we gain rigorous societal insights we can use as input to engage with investee companies?
  • What are the hidden reputational risks and opportunities in our portfolio?
  • How can we increase our societal network?
  • Who are the leading voices in our outside world?
  • How can our organization become more socially conscious?

We start with an Outside World plan

We start answering your questions using our Outside World plan method. This process consists of three phases:

  • We evaluate internal perspectives on societal change by interviewing colleagues, conducting surveys and analyzing strategic materials. 
  • We utilize data from a wide range of quantitative and qualitative sources and leverage our network to identify key societal changes affecting your organization. 
  • We compare the findings of these two steps by means of a gap analysis, which results in an overview reflecting how your organization stands relative to societal expectations. We end the process with a clear plan on how to bridge the gaps.

And we help realize change

We help realize the goals in this plan. As part of the execution team, we structure outside world insights, change the organization's awareness, build new relationships, increase employer attractiveness and develop a culture that fosters change.